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Tech Focus

Autonomous driving. Self-parking cars. Blind spot monitors. Tech Focus section is about the latest advancements in technology from automotive manufacturers in all segments – luxury cars to hatchbacks and sedans.

A survey of owners of UAE cars as well as those looking to buy cars for sale in UAE indicate that prospective customers tend to give higher points to technological advancements that a car has, particularly in the area of safety and security.  

This section covers everything that owners of UAE cars as well as those planning to buy cars for sale in UAE would want to know.

Ford pursues weight loss program

Concept vehicle represents ongoing research for lean cars with improved performance and fuel efficiency while reducing carbon footprints. Ford has unveiled its lightweight…

Ford Fusion offers value package

 The midsize sedan has driver assist technologies fit for luxury cars Ford Fusion leapfrogs with an unprecedented suite of driver assist technologies –…

Jaguar Land Rover to develop ‘car of the future’

The intelligent self-learning car will have its own on-board ‘Smart Assistant’ to carry out a host of functions to allow the driver to…

Ford seeks industry-wide use of inflatable seatbelts

Car company offers its patented technology to other automotive manufacturers Ford Motor Company is offering its patented inflatable safety belt technology to other…

Volks Golf GTI gets better throttle

Slovenian manufacturer gives it a titanium exhaust Revolutionizing the hot hatch segment, a Slovenian company run by former motorcycle racer Igor Akrapovič has…

Daylight in the dark

Audi introduces limited edition R8 LMX – the world's first production car with laser high beams Audi has introduced its limited edition R8…

Finally, a car that stays clean

Nissan develops paint that repels mud, rain and everyday dirt. Washing a car can be a chore - and a costly one at…

Up ahead: Remote controlled SUVs

Jaguar Land Rover is developing more intelligent cars Dubai, UAE – Jaguar Land Rover is working hard on autonomous on road and off…

Nissan develops ‘Smart rearview mirror’

Technology helps provide clear rearward visibility in various conditions Nissan Motor Company, Ltd., has announced the development of the Smart rearview mirror, the…

Nissan says it’s on track with Autonomous Drive project

7 years from now, people will be using cars that drive on their own DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.…

Toyota’s Mobility Assistance Robot goes public in Japan

Named 'Winglet,’ the machine is a motorized personal transport assistance with zero-emissions and fit for pedestrians. Toyota has announced public sidewalk demonstration trials…

Ford uses robots for durability tests

Technology employed in accelerated high-impact on-road and off-road activities. Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- Ford engineers have developed the industry’s first robotic test…
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