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Nissan projects 10,000 X-Trails sold per year in the Gulf

اقرأه بالعربيّة

Samir Cherfan, Nissan Middle East managing director bases this estimate to previous year’s sale of the compact SUV along with the Qashqai which the 2015 X-Trail will also replace.

Nissan Middle East has embarked on a marketing plan aiming to sell 10,000 units of the 2015 Nissan X-Trail a year, according to the company’s managing director in the region.

The move came following the recent launching by Nissan UAE of the all-new X-Trail, described as an “all-weather, go-anywhere compact SUV for the modern family,” and expected to be a big hit among local and expatriate families wont on weekend warrior camp outs in the dunes.

“The new X-Trail is just as tough and accomplished as the previous generation model,” said Samir Cherfan, Nissan Middle East managing director.

“But,” he stressed, “it adds crossover style and efficiency, exciting design, innovative technology and exceptional comfort to set a new benchmark in the fiercely competitive C-SUV market.”

Cherfan said the 2015 Nissan X-Trail will replace both the previous model and the Nissan Qashqai in the region.

“Together the Qashqai and the previous X-Trail model sold around 4,500 units last year. In our region, we expect that the new X-Trail will resonate well with our consumers. We estimate sales target of 10,000 units per year,” Cherfan said.

Muscular, modern and packed with technology, the new Nissan X-Trail, seen to be yet among popular cars for sale, originally made its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Capitalizing on Nissan's respected 4x4 heritage and benefiting from the company’s crossover experience, the new X-Trail re-defines the compact SUV segment.

The new X-Trail takes inspiration from Nissan's market-leading crossovers: Qashqai, Juke and Murano – all ubiquitous and favorite cars for sale by Nissan UAE – to create the ultimate, all-weather, family vehicle.

The 2015 X-Trail, a high-volume global growth product, built on the new jointly-developed Nissan-Renault Common Module Family (CMF) platform architecture, is seen to be available in 190 countries with plans to sell over 500,000 units per year.

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