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Abu Dhabi car owners to get more accurate assessments for post-accident repairs

 Abu Dhabi Motors, exclusive importer of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce in the UAE capital, signs services of Audatex  to provide insurance claims solutions.

Abu Dhabi Motors, exclusive importer of BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce in the capital city and neighbouring Al Ain, has signed the services of Audatex, which has expertise in insurance solutions, to provide accurate assessments of accidents and cost estimates, across all its service centres and body shops when filing for claims so that repairs can be done without headaches.

“Any car owner who wishes to have the repairs on their vehicle carried out by Abu Dhabi Motors is welcome to make use of this innovative new technology irrespective of where their vehicles were purchased,” said Arno Husselmann, ADM general manager, explaining that Audatex can be applied for any of the major automotive brands.

ADM is the first to implement this technology across all its body shop and service facilities, he said.

Husselmann said the Audatex system is 100-percent accurate and transparent as it as well does away with time wasted while guaranteeing that cost estimates have a zero margin of error.

It eliminates exaggerated repair cost approximation or incorrect assessment and undervalued estimates that could result to risky repairs, he said.

Husselmann said he’d recommend that insurance bodies adapt the Audatex system because it saves costs and addresses issues about poor repairs of cars that have gone through accidents because the process is less expensive and the materials used are new and original.

“It is important to note that customers should make sure their cars are insured for ‘agency repair,’ as many insurance companies will use out of agency repair facilities, who might use unqualified labour, used or even fake parts. Such a poor repair could be very dangerous for the driver and their passengers,” Husselmann said.

BMWs, MINIs and Rolls-Royces are among popular cars for sale in the UAE, along with Lamborghini and Porsche.

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