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This section is composed of exclusive one-on-one conversations and discussions with key players of the automotive industry here in the region and elsewhere around the world like officials of Toyota UAE, Nissan in UAE, Honda in UAE, Toyota Dubai, Nissan Patrol, BMW in Dubai, Mercedes Dubai, Porsche Dubai, Jeep in Dubai, Ferrari Dubai, and Toyota Al Futtaim Motors, among others. Topic ranges from sales to car prices in UAE, used car in UAE, emirates car auction, and some other interesting issues like green cars.

Car prices in UAE, used car in UAE and emirates car auction are favourite topics.

A Spanish super sports car, anyone?

Domingo Ochoa, GTA Spano CEO, speaks his mind with oncarx about what he thinks are the chances his car will make it in…

oncarx does a one-on-one with a legend

Car Xpress caught up with Rinaldo “Dindo” Capello, three-time Le Mans winner and Audi factory driver for 19 years, during the recent FIA…

‘It is very difficult to say no when she stares at you.’

Antonio de Gregorio, a regular Car Xpress subscriber shares his thoughts about his recent switch from Ferrari to Audi. CAR XPRESS:  We heard…

Thomas Ingenlath and the Volvo Concept Coupé: heralding a new look and appeal

Think about the powerful calmness of a lion. He doesn’t have to prowl to radiate respect. Even lying down he shows very clearly…

Why would someone looking to buy a car prefer the new Golf?

‘The new seventh generation model has been completely redesigned yet is available at the same price level as its predecessor.’ -- Thomas Milz,…

‘We expect to achieve yet another record year.’

The second half of this year will see a few additions to the Ford and Lincoln ranges. Larry Prein, managing director of Ford…

Are UAE residents into Korean cars?

People used to buy cars made in Europe but now that Peter Schreyer, a well-known car designer who used to work with BMW…

Green cars, how far have we gone?

So far the biggest success has been in the area of better engine efficiency. The other two electric and hybrid still need some…

So, how is the 'Abu Shanab' doing?

Tremendously! I mean the Land Cruiser is an iconic car. It has a tremendous heritage in UAE. First to arrive in 1955 with…

BMW starts 2013 in a good sales speed

We will keep our foot on the accelerator. Dr. Joerg Breuer, Managing Director, BMW Group Middle East, grants Cax Xpress an exclusive one-on-one…


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