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Nissan Patrol's Around View Monitor


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 The technology enables drivers to have a 360-degree visual of the car's surroundings even in complete darkness  

Nissan Patrol, popular for its no-compromise rugged yet refined sturdiness on and off the road, is also well-loved for its technological advancements and innovations, among them the Around View Monitor (AVM), which frees drivers from the doldrums of tight-squeeze parking through cameras that give them a full view of the surroundings even when in total darkness.

How it works is certain to awe.

The AVM, introduced in the MY2012 Nissan Patrol and is now on its third generation, brings together video from four cameras positioned in the SUV’s front, rear and side to assist in parking by displaying the footage on the monitor in a manner that appears like there’s a single bird’s eye view camera above the vehicle. This, aficionados say, is among factors why the Japanese SUV, is among popular cars for sale known eponymously as Patrols from Nissan UAE and Nissan Dubai.

This enables drivers access to a 360-degree visual of what’s around him.

A special note to this is that a wider-than-usual camera is positioned at the rear for easy detection of any moving object behind the vehicle when on reverse.

The MY2014 version is augmented with a parking assist display and Back-up Collision Intervention (BCI), which alerts the person behind the wheel ahead of a possible accident when on reverse.

The AVM, also available in all Nissan UAE and Nissan Dubai Patrols is seen as the Japanese car manufacturer’s answer to parking challenges posed by the SUV’s sheer size, which has grown bigger through the years, and has made it among top cars for sale.

The AVM was highlighted in last year’s Saudi International Motor Show in Jeddah where visitors were asked to drive and park the Nissan Patrol by a small track, all its windows, including the front, covered with 100-percent black out tint, and using only the screen monitor as guide. The demonstration had a resounding, good feedback.

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